Zero Water 30 Cup Ready Pour Water Filter Dispenser 1 Ea Box

5 stage advance filtration. Zero dissolved solids for the purest tasting water. Water quality meter included. Largest capacity system. Compare performance vs leading conventional filter. Conventional 2-stage filters. Estimated TDS Result: 153. Influent water TDS level of 240PPM prior to filtration, results shown are after 2 gallons of water filtered. Additional performance results of ZeroWater's 5-stage filter vs. Conventional 2-stage filters for heavy metals & other inorganic contaminants under the EPA national drinking water standards. Dissolved solids affect the look and taste of water. Competitive 2-stage filters only remove about half. Standard ZeroWater filters fit all ZeroWater pitchers and dispensers. Water quality meter included with every ZeroWater device, guaranteeing zero dissolved solids for the purest tasting water. The longevity of the tilter may vary based on local water conditions. Under laboratory protocols. a single filter was rated for 20 gallons in the certification process.