Guglielmo's Sauce, Marinara, Home Grown

Grandpa Pete. Paul. Pride of New York. For grandpa, - love Paul. A recipe passed down from my Grandpa Pete. As a kid, my whole family would gather at Grandpa Pete's house for Sunday pasta. At the center of this tradition was an amazing sauce that Grandpa would make from scratch - a recipe he learned from his mother. When I got older, it occurred to me that I should help carry on this tradition, so I asked him to teach me. He took me out to the tomato fields and that's where the lesson began. Over the years, we've invited many friends to share Sunday pasta dinner with us, but there just aren't enough Sundays to have you all over, so I put the Guglielmo family recipe in a jar for you to take home to your family. Hope you like it! - Paul Guglielmo. More sauces available at Made in Rochester NY.