Celestial Seasonings® Cold Brew Half And Half Iced Black Tea & Lemonade Tea Bags 40 Ct Box

Certified Gluten free. gfco.org. Contains caffeine. 40 single serve tea bags. Ready in five minutes! Half & Half Cold Brew: A perfectly brewed glass of iced tea is only five minutes away. Enjoy this favorite of half bold black tea and half sweet and tangy lemonade. Brew one glass at a time with the convenience of brewing in cold water - no boiling required! This iced tea will bring delicious invigoration to any moment. Blending herbs, art and inspiration. Since 1969. Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit. Aristotle. The Story of Celestial Seasonings: Back in 1969, we started picking herbs from the fields and forests of the Rocky Mountains and at the moment, we created America's very first herbal tea. Still blended in Boulder by our expert blendmaster, our uniquely delicious teas are made with the finest ingredients, passion and inspiration. Please use this number in all correspondence related to this product. www.celestialseasonings.com. Tell us what you think: 1-800-351 -8175; www.celestialseasonings.com. Blended in Boulder Co.