Kool Aid Jammers Sours Watermelon Slam Juice Drink, 10 Ct Box

Artificially flavored drink. 35 calories per pouch. Sour-o-meter.. Blue raspberry. Green apple. Jammers. KoolAid. Sour. Lime. Orange. Lemon. Become a fan of Kool-Aid! facebook.com/koolaid. Test your skills try to find all of the hidden words! Please recycle this carton. Kids love the puckering sour then sweet taste of Kool-Aid Sour Jammers Artificially Flavored Watermelon Slam Drink Pouches. Bursting with sour watermelon fruit flavor, this perfectly sour drink delivers just the right blend of watermelon sweetness with a delicious sharp punch. Packed in a convenient drink pouch, kids can enjoy this fun drink at home, at the beach, or packed in a school lunch. Kool-Aid Sour Jammers have just the right amount of sour flavor with 55% less sugar than leading regular sodas (Per 12 fluid ounces, this product 16 grams total sugar, leading regular sodas 40 grams total sugar). Each box contains ten 6 fluid ounce drink pouches making for a great party drink for kids.