New England Coffee® Colombian Decaffeinated Medium Roast Ground Coffee 10 Oz. Bag

Freshly ground. Family coffee roasters since 1916. A smooth, mellow decaf using only 100% Colombian Excalso beans. The world's best selling varietal. It's been that way since 1916. First importing and roasting coffee for the finest eateries and coffee houses in the Northeast, and now offering fine coffees for you to enjoy at home. We're a group of passionate coffee lovers that consider coffee one of life's daily indulgences, not merely a staple. Our methods are not cutting edge. In fact, they're antiquated by most people's standards. We wouldn't change a thing, because there are no short cuts to greatness. We start with the finest Arabica beans. Then, our master roasters apply their palates and instincts in a time-honored process that have been honed for over four generations. It's the only way we know how to make sure that you'll always enjoy a consistently great cup of coffee. Thank you for your purchase. Enjoy! Made in the U.S.A.