Ge Soft White 45 Watts Track & Recessed Floodlight

GE Soft White 45 Watts Track & Recessed Floodlight. 90682. Regular, Everyday Light®. Light output: 400 lumens. Energy used: 45 watts. Life: 2000 hours. Contains: 1 bulb (R20). Quality of light scale: Soft white - regular soft light . GE Edison® - exceptional rich bright light. Reveal® - premium enhanced vivid light. Regular, Everyday Light® is a registered trademark of General Electric Company. Use original soft white from GE when you need a light without glare and harsh shadows. Replace ordinary light bulbs with flood and spotlights from GE in all your track and recessed lighting fixtures. Floodlights from GE cast a wide beam that adds drama to fireplaces, kitchen counters and entryways. Visit us on the internet... Assembled in USA.