Ducktrap Spruce Pastrami

Ready to eat. Unique spice blend. Gluten free. Astaxanthin: The carotenoids (nutrients in the same family as vitamin a) used in the feed of farm-raised salmon are identical to natural carotenoids consumed by salmon and trout in the wild and are the source of natural color of these fish. No dyes are used. About Ducktrap Pastrami Style Smoked Salmon: With over 30 years of experience, ducktrap has mastered the art of smoking seafood. To produce Ducktrap Pastrami Style Smoked Salmon, premium Atlantic salmon. Fillets are brined in a flavorful recipe of salt, cane sugar, herbs and spices, then slowly cold-smoked with a unique blend of Maine fruitwoods and hardwoods. Each smoked fillet is topped with a hand-applied spice mixture, creating a unique, delicious pastrami flavor. Naturally smoked in Maine.